A hull house, and now?

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You have recently purchased a hull house, which is great fun of course, but after the purchase the real work starts. There are many things that need to be arranged. Think of installing the electricity, the pipes, insulating the house and of course placing walls, window frames and doors. The advantage of a hull house is that you can decide for yourself how you organize the house, but this is a lot of work. You want the house to be well insulated, and you may also want to have all pipes and cables milled in. and have you already thought about underfloor heating?

A hull house therefore also requires a good, clear and well-arranged plan, so that you know exactly what needs to be done. After all, it is the intention that you can live, work and enjoy here as optimally as possible.Aannemer020 In this case, is happy to think along with you and also provide you with free advice.

Determine the layout

Determining the layout of your home is very important, because once it is in place, it is not easy to change. So think carefully about the different areas in your home. Where will the kitchen be located, and which kitchen cupboards do you want in it? Would you like to have a walk-in closet in the bedroom or large closets in the attic? Even the smallest things determine the layout of your new home, so it is important that all of this is included in the plan.

If you cannot find a solution yourself, Aannemer020 can provide you with advice. We can think along with you about the layout of the house, but can also help you with smaller problems. For example, at what height the kitchen cabinets should be placed, and whether or not you want French doors in the living room.

Casco house with a perfect result

Together we can provide a home that is completely to your liking. All your wishes are discussed and checked, and in case of doubt or points for improvement, the contractor will of course discuss this with you. Where necessary, he will also come up with an alternative, so that the home is optimally furnished. For example, if you want the bathroom in a place that is actually not ideal. The contractor can then show you where bathroom could do better.

Customer satisfaction, sustainability and delivering exactly what is requested are important points for Aannemer020, which we always take into account. All this so that you can ultimately enjoy a home that is completely furnished according to your wishes, and in that way you can enjoy the most.