A tiler for tight tiling

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Hire tiler Amsterdam? At Allround renovation specialist Aannemer020 you are at the right place for professional tile work. Our tile work specialists are happy to assist you with customized tiling. Regardless of laying and desired tiles, a tiler lays an average of 10 square meters (m2) per day. When we talk about floor tile work, the average number of m2 per day will amount to 15-20. The laying speed of course depends on many things such as work situation, subsurface and additional activities.

The costs of a tiler

The costs of a tiler Amsterdam depend on many factors. For example, grout, tile type must be taken into account. It is also possible to choose to hire an hour tiler or to outsource a tile project on the assumed price to a tiler. The surface is also not unimportant. It may be necessary to first carry out stucco work.

Different types of tiling

You can hire a tiler for a large range of tiling. In addition to tiling sanitary facilities such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen, there are tiles on floor, wall and ceiling in both modern and classic interiors.

Average drying time tile adhesive and jointing

When our tiler has been with you in Amsterdam, it is important that tiling, regardless of floor or wall tiles, can dry 24-48 hours without being loaded. The drying time depends on the type of bonding and jointing. Do you have questions about your tile work and the final strength of the glue? Feel free to contact Aannemer020, contractor company and tiler Amsterdam.