Aannemer020 helps you to live natural gas free

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Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is deeply in the ground. Natural gas companies gain this gas by drilling a hole in the rock, including the gas. This is then cleaned in different ways and a fragrance is added. This is so that you can recognize this as a gas air.

There are a number of benefits to the use of natural gas, but the disadvantages are getting bigger. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the combustion of natural gas CO2 is released. Because of the greenhouse effect and climate changes, this is no longer desirable. In addition, underground shifts are caused by grazing natural gas, we feel as earthshokes. It is also the case that the natural gas ever touches, it is probably happening before the end of this century.

If you would like to live natural gas free, then it must be done for this. Aannemer020 can certainly help you here so that you can quickly get rid of natural gas.

Why stop with natural gas?

As we described above, natural gas causes a large part of CO2 emissions, which again causes warm up the earth. By stepping from the natural gas and proceed to, for example, solar energy, we all reduce CO2 emissions. It is also the case that the natural gas ever touches. If this is the case, we need more natural gas from other countries, such as Russia. It costs more money to bring this to the Netherlands, but energy prices also increase annually because the CO2 tax is increased every year.

In small steps, more and more places in the Netherlands are natural gas free, they are also concerned about this in Amsterdam. For example, the new buildings that are now being built are already delivered without a gas connection. Of course there are also many existing homes that switch to a different energy source. Do you have an existing home or do you intend to have a property built, and do you not want to use natural gas? Aannemer020 can certainly help to live natural gas free.

Make your home natural gas free

If you want to make your home natural gas free, then a number of measures are needed here. It is of course about how you live and where you use the natural gas, but often a renovation is needed. You can use this to make your property insulated properly, installed electric floor heating, heat pump and solar panels. This way you are ready and not only saved energy, but also to the costs.

However, are there other jobs that must be done to your home, for example placing a new kitchen or perhaps even a dormer window? Often it is cheaper to do everything at the same time. Not only can Aannemer020 in one go through with all work, but you are also ready in one go.