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Changing a home or business building is always exciting but also very fun. The idea that your living or working environment is going to change and you will improve gives a positive feeling. But when you think of an extension, there are a number of things you should take into account. Are you looking for a contractor Amsterdam who thinks along with you? Then Aannemer020 can certainly help you with that.

Ideal and tailor-made Additions

Before contacting us, it is good to put your wishes on paper. What kind of extension is it, how big should it be and where should it be placed? Also think about the maximum budget and how long you want to spend on the project. In addition, it is wise to check whether your wishes are legally permitted. If you have all this clearly on paper, you can contact us. We will then tell you everything about the process, how long the project will take and what the costs will be. We also advise you when it appears that your plan is not ideal.

From quotation to realization

Once you have made concrete plans with us, it is important to arrange a number of things. If you are unable or unwilling to pay for the financing out of your own pocket, this is the moment when you must have the financing ready. If this is not yet completed, then the construction cannot be started yet. In addition, there are also various rules and laws that you must take into account when placing an extension. You may need to arrange a permit for your extension. By contacting the municipality you will know whether you need it and how to request it. Also here applies; without a permit construction cannot be started yet. Do you live in Amsterdam? Then do the extension and extension permit check on the website of Township Amsterdam