Damage repair of your home

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Have you recently suffered from fire, water, storm or burglary damage? Then this is obviously very annoying. You want to be able to live in your own home again as soon as possible, but then some things would have to be tackled first. The first step is often contacting the insurance company and waiting for them to approve. For the damage repair of your home, you can then contact the contractor company Aannemer020. They can take all the worries off your hands and repair the damage professionally, quickly and sustainably.

Repair the damage

First of all, of course, we look at the damage. What needs to be repaired and what is needed for that? Your wishes are also discussed, because it is possible that you have certain wishes. When it comes to storm or burglary damage, this will probably not be too bad. In most cases this involves repairing the doors and/or windows, but in the event of a storm it can also happen that part of the roof needs to be repaired.

However, if there is water or fire damage, the damage is usually much greater. This can add up quickly, especially in the event of a fire, because fire spreads quickly. If many things need to be repaired and if you have certain wishes, you can certainly make them known. The contractor will then look at the options with you and draw up a plan with you. This way you know exactly where you stand, how long it will take to restore your home and what you can expect.

Additional renovation

Would you like an additional renovation in addition to repairing the damage to your home, for example installing a dormer window, veranda or extension? Then Aannemer020 can certainly help you with that. In this case, too, a plan will first be drawn up and you will look at the various options together with the contractor. Placing a dormer window or veranda is custom work, so the relevant part will also have to be measured properly.

Advice and contact

Need advice? Or would you like to request a quote? Then you can contact Aannemer020. During the first consultation you can then put all your wishes on the table and indicate what you expect. Subsequently, the plan and the various options will be looked at, and everything will be put into operation for you. The action plan clearly describes what will happen and when. This way you will not be faced with surprises, but the contractor also knows exactly where he stands.