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Demolition and construction

Are you looking for a contractor for renovation or total demolition? Then Aannemer020 can certainly help you with that. we specialize in demolition and like to do this as sustainably as possible. This also means that we will carefully dispose of materials that are still reusable. Material that can no longer be used is recycled. Expertise, environmental friendliness and safety are of course very important here.

All-round construction / demolition services

You can contact us for all kinds of demolition work. This may concern the demolition of a complete home or business premises, but also, for example, the demolition of an old shed, hall, garage or even a shopping center. We will of course dispose of all the rubble ourselves, so that you no longer have to worry about it.
You can of course also engage us for all your construction work. Whether it concerns a small renovation, a complete renovation or the realization of a new-build home or business premises. We think along with you, deliver at a quality level and can of course also help you arrange any permits.
You can also call on us when it concerns a smaller job such as installing a dormer window, an extension, conservatory or veranda or installing window frames, facades and roofs. Of course we take care of everything, so that you do not have to worry about anything! Are you going to demolish a structure within the municipality of Amsterdam? You may need a permit. Do the permit check on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Advice, quotation and planning

When u contact us for a consultation, you can put all your requirements and wishes on the table and indicate what you expect from us. We will then discuss this with you and give you appropriate advice. Then an action plan will be drawn up so that it is clear not only to us, but also to you what is going to happen. This way we prevent you from being faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.