Dividing a house in Amsterdam

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have a house split in Amsterdam

Do you want to split your Amsterdam home into different housing units such as apartments, studios or student rooms? Aannemer020 not only realizes the renovation for you, we also help you with the permit application and everything else that is involved in splitting a house in the Amsterdam region. Dividing a house in Amsterdam is becoming increasingly popular due to a housing shortage and sky-high house prices. The municipality of Amsterdam has even restricted the division permit so that it is no longer possible for small homes to obtain a permit. This is to maintain quality of life and to keep out slum landlords. On the website of the municipality of Amsterdam you will find more information about the rules and options when it comes to splitting up a house and building.

Split home into 2 or more units

With over 20 years of experience, Aannemer020 is happy to be your construction specialist when it comes to splitting homes. Our specialty is the complete renovation and conversion of homes, buildings and business premises as well as catering establishments such as hotels and restaurants. With the experience of > 20 years of renovating and renovating, no job is too big or too crazy for us. By listening carefully to your wishes, we realize exactly what you want. Our contracting company always works with an eye for sustainability and detail. Where possible, we like to think along with you to furnish your valuable space as optimally and comfortably as possible. Dividing a house is a daily occurrence for Aannemer020 and we are happy to help you realize the division quickly and professionally. For example, we always start with your intended project within 2 weeks (with the exception of holiday periods and Sundays and public holidays). Of course you must already be in possession of the necessary permit(s). Do you have questions or advice regarding construction and demolition related permits in Amsterdam? Then you can always contact our construction company without obligation. We are happy to talk to you.

What is involved in house splitting in Amsterdam

In addition to the Amsterdam Splitting Permit discussed, there are a number of other matters that are important to consider when you decide to split a house;

  • Regulations
  • Regulations
  • Inspection of installations
  • Split requirements
  • Cadastral law
    (notarial deed of division with floor plan, division drawing and boundaries)
  • Inheritance
  • Rental price and scoring
  • Foundation investigation
  • Mortgage Value
  • Establish an association of owners? (Vve)
  • Monumental status

Why make it difficult when you can do it easily?

Aannemer020 is happy to take away the worries and stress that comes with all these additional matters and is happy to guide you in dividing a building into several residential units. Would you first like a non-binding advice or a quote? Feel free to contact us or use the form on the website. If you use the quotation form, we will contact you shortly.