Sustainable construction company Amsterdam

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Sustainable construction company Amsterdam

When you are looking for a sustainable construction company in the Amsterdam region, you are at the right place at Aannemer020. We take into account sustainability in different areas. For example, by separating the waste and does not immediately dispose of usable parts. Everything that can be recycled is recycled to adjust their bit.

Help when needed

Of course a lot comes out when a renovation is planned. One of the first things to be arranged is a permit. Do you doubt whether you need it, or do you not know how to arrange this? Then Aannemer020 can easily help you with that. You can also do a check on the website of the municipality of Amsterdam to see if you need an environmental permit or not.

But in addition to applying for a permit, the possibilities of the renovation must of course also be considered. Is that what you want real and can it be on the place you have in mind? Here too we can help you with it. When doubts or don’t know how to realize the extension, Aannemer020 can provide advice.

What renovations do this construction company do?

A sustainable construction company such as Aannemer020 is very versatile when it comes to the various projects that we can help you. This can involve small projects such as an extension or extension, placing underfloor heating, new window frames or a dormer window. However, the larger projects are no problem. So even when you want to realize a complete home, kitchen or bathroom renovation or have a new staircase installed this can certainly be arranged.

The big advantage here is that you are dealing with a fixed team, and always gave only one point of contact. So it is not the case that you have to speak to someone, and see new faces the next day. This ensures confidence and you immediately know where you stand.

Big jobs

The above jobs are not the only odd jobs that Continuer020 can perform for you. Even when you have had a house built or have bought a hull property, we can help you. Certainly with this type of homes, there is still a lot of work to be done. Consider, for example, the installation of electricity and insulation, plumbing, placing partitions, frames, door stations, windows and doors. But the entire home must also be isolated and merged. You may also want all cables and pipes and you would like to have food heating.

Certainly you can also be helped with this type of jobs, from the beginning to the end. You must initially think about what you want with your home. You naturally want it to be your place, and that you feel at your leisure. Your personal wishes can also be taken into account. Maybe you want the kitchen cabinets at a certain height, you want a fitted wardrobe in the bedroom or an attic with custom-made cupboards against the sloping wall.

Are you not quite sure how you want to furnish your home, or are you unsure about certain options? Then Aannemer020 can absolutely help you with that. We are therefore happy to sit down with you to think along with you and provide you with advice if necessary.

Demolition work

Are you looking for a company that can help you with demolition work? Then you can also contact Aannemer020. We specialize in demolition and because we are a sustainable construction company, we do this as sustainably as possible. Any material that is still reusable will be carefully removed so that it can be reused. The remaining material, which can no longer be used, will be recycled.

They can be used for various demolition activities. This can be an entire home or commercial building, but it can just as easily be an old barn, garage, a large hall or a complete shopping center. Moreover, all the debris is removed by themselves, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Contact us

Would you like to contact us because you need advice, you can’t figure out how you want to carry out the renovation or because you would like a quote? Then you can always contact us. This is also possible if you would like to request a consultation. Here you can put all your wishes and questions on the table, but you can also indicate exactly what you expect from our company. An action plan will then be drawn up so that it is clear to all parties what exactly is going to happen. This prevents you from being faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.