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Do you have a house, apartment, shop, catering business or hotel where the electricity needs to be checked and are you looking for a Home improvement contractor in Amsterdam? Aannemer020 is happy to help you with this electrical job, so that you can quickly resume your work.
Nowadays an electrician does a lot more things than just installing group boxes and electricity, solving power failures and short circuits and installing or renewing sockets.

Electricity where and how you want it

We can therefore tackle any job in the field of electricity for you, so that you no longer have to worry about this. For example, you can call in us to install cabling, but also install additional groups, install or adjust the electricity, install an internet or telephone line or move the meter cupboard.
We can also be of service with regard to the sockets. we can move, ground and lower the sockets. In addition, we help you solve faults and we can even help you with the lighting; such as installing spotlights. As you can see, we can help you with all work related to the electricity. Of course we also work everything neatly for you, so that you no longer have to worry about it. How about dreaded cables in walls or floors?

Group aptitude for eg power flow

Adding an extra group in the meter cupboard is necessary when you have had an extension installed. This ensures a better and good distribution of the current. If all the electronic devices in the house were on a single group, then all current would have to pass through one wire and this creates a risk of combustion. An extra group is almost always necessary if you are going to use more devices, but also when you are going to use devices that consume a lot of power. For example, a separate three-phase power group is often installed for kichen appliances.
If you have a consultation with us, you can make all your requirements and wishes known to us, we will then provide you with advice if necessary. We are of course transparent so that you know exactly what to expect during the project.