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Do you have a beautiful home, but the garden could use some adjustments? Then you can of course do this yourself, but if you know exactly what you want and have no idea how to go about it, it is better to choose someone who understands it. Are you looking for an all-round contractor company that can help you with this? Aannemer020 In addition to all other construction work, Aannemer020 also takes care of the landscaping.

From construction to garden wood realization

We arrange everything for your garden, so you don’t have to worry about it. The design, construction and finishing is all done by us. The design, construction and finishing is all done by us. For example, if you would like to have fences or a fence installed, that is certainly possible. You also choose the paving yourself, we will advise you on this if necessary. Even if you dream of a veranda, canopy or patio, we can be of service with our handy carpenters. If desired, we can build and install it for you. Wooden decks are also possible, which look very nice in combination with a pond. But decking is also increasingly being used as a substrate for the terrace. In addition, there are also options for ornamental paving, yard separation and storage space. But also the necessary lighting, plants and possibly even water features.

Advice and quotation for landscaping

Feel free to contact us for a consultation so that we can help you. During this meeting you can make your wishes known, and we will advise you on the various options. Then a plan will be drawn up and a drawing of the garden will be made. Everything will be clearly stated in this plan so that it is not only clear to us, but of course also to you. After all, it is not the intention that you will end up with unpleasant surprises with your own project.