Have plumbing renovated

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When you have been bored in the bathroom or have just bought a new home with an outdated bathroom, it is a good idea to let the plumbing renovated. With such a renovation, everything is renewed in the way you want this so that it can then be enjoyed for a long period of time.

Have plumbing renovated, what happens?

A plumbing renovation in principle involves the entire bathroom trips. So do not only think of the shower, the toilet and the sink, but also the tiles on the floor and the walls and even the pipes when needed. For example, the pipes must be removed when they are really very old and to be replacing, but also if you want a different layout of the bathroom.

Of course this does not necessarily have to be sure when it is not necessary. Perhaps the pipes are still fine, you would like to leave the shower cubicle or the tiles are still completely intact and your taste. However, at the tiles you must take into account that they can only be retained when there is nothing to be replaced behind the tiles.

Renovate furniture

A renovation often costs quite a bit of time and it can certainly be moving, but this certainly doesn’t have to. This way you can be good that you are satisfied with the floor and walls in the bathroom, but that the furniture really needs to be replaced. In this case it is a logical choice only to renovate the plumbing, and nothing to do with the floor and walls.

Maybe you have never used a bathtub that is never used, and would like to have a walk-in shower in the place. Or do you now have a standard toilet in the bathroom, or no toilet at all, and would you like to? Then you could think of a floating toilet.

Extra wishes

There are also additional wishes to be discussed, for example for a piece of extra safety. Think of the threshold when entering the bathroom, but also the stepping stone at the shower. If you have a walk-in shower, you will of course not have this step, but with a cabin this is often the case.

Do you want the bathroom to be something safer, for example for the elderly or for young children? Then certainly think about the threshold and the step, but also look critically at the tiles. Perhaps the tiles that are now there are good, but they have been in a long time. In that case, the top layer is probably worn from here, making the tiles very smooth. In that case it is certainly advisable to renew the tiles.