Have the bathroom renovated

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Is it time to take a good look at the bathroom? Because the floor is missing pieces, making it no longer safe, or because you have a bath that you never use? Contractor aannemer020 can help you with this. They have experience with sanitary renovation, regardless of your wishes.

Overlooked the bathroom

Of course it may well be that you are tired of your bathroom. The toilet is outdated and you would like to have a floating model, you no longer like the sink and the shower cubicle is actually just too small. You would much rather have a walk-in shower or a double sink, for example. That is all possible. But Contractor 020 can also help you with new tiles on the walls or floor.

This is of course also possible if you want to tackle things more rigorously. For example, if you want to include part of the bedroom next to the bathroom in the bathroom, or if you want to move the entire bathroom. However, the possibilities must be considered. There is a chance that this is not possible.

Safety comes first

A study has shown that the elderly have the most fall accidents in the bathroom. A step that is just too high, a floor that is too slippery or a shower cabin with a step that is way too high. Very dangerous but also not necessary at all. By placing a walk-in shower, for example, there is no longer a high entry, and there is also enough space for a shower stool, for example. In addition, we can also help with laying new tiles, so that the floor is no longer too slippery, and any fittings. Think of supports on the wall so that you always have something to grab on to when you are afraid of losing balance.