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Home Finishing Specialist

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You have had a house built or you have purchased a new house. And what now? Then the real work begins. So many things that need to be determined and arranged.
Plumbing, electrical installation, insulation and of course the installation of partitions, window frames, windows and doors. The building must be insulated and finished and you may want to have everything milled in, such as cables, pipes and perhaps wonderful underfloor heating.

All these matters must be well thought out, after all, you want optimal living, work and recreational comfort. The usually scarce space must be optimally utilized and customization is often required. The kitchen cabinets at the right height, that long-desired walk-in closet and perhaps a comfortable attic with custom cabinets and a staircase that meets personal wishes.

It is of course not nothing to entrust all these activities to the contractor. Aannemer020 will be happy to sit down with you to think about solutions and optimization We think along with you and provide you with free advice. We are very experienced in home improvement and you will be amazed by our craftsmanship.

All skills in-house for a perfect result

With over 20 years of experience and a reliable team of construction, demolition and renovation specialists, you can be sure that we will get the job done efficiently. With an efficient team and an eye for detail, we realize your intended living, work and / or recreation environment.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we always strive for perfection. Sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and deliver exactly what is required of us. Where there is room for that, we always try to exceed expectations. Do you want to know how? Please contact us and we are happy to accept the challenge.