huis verbouwen Amsterdam

House renovation Amsterdam

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House renovation Amsterdam? Construction and renovation specialist Contractor020 is happy to assist you.


Building your house in Amsterdam is not a small task. Apart from the fact that a permit application needs to be made, there are all kinds of incidentalities in Amsterdam. There are times that you should adhere to. In the municipality of Amsterdam you can perform construction and demolition work from 07:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Saturday. If you want to carry out such work outside these times, you must apply for an exemption for noise construction. When you are going to renovate a house (home or other building), do you probably also need a waste container? Renting a waste container for construction and demolition material is simple, but you must also report to the municipality of Amsterdam for placing a container. In some cases even a permit is required. When Contractor020 is allowed to renovate or renovate your house in Amsterdam, we will take on all things so that the renovation of your house runs carefree and without stress.

A renovation in the way you require

Construction of your house will of course make Contractor020 in the discussed manner that we have agreed in our communication that has been laid down in the quotation. If you agree with the quotation, we will always be able to start in 14 weeks with the intended renovation of your home or other building. You can also choose to opt for a “Turn-Key” renovation. A turn-key renovation means that our contractor company takes the entire renovation. You can give us the keys on which we perform all work independently and deliver your home entry. This way you can stay on vacation, in a hotel or camp elsewhere. This way you do not have to worry about it and you can see that your house will be delivered according to the discussed manner.

Your home from Modern to Classic

Regardless of your taste and wishes, our experienced team of construction and demolition and renovation specialists will ensure that the end result is satisfactory. With over 20 years of experience, we now have a large portfolio and are familiar with all styles and trends. With an eye for sustainability, we ensure that your home or other building is transformed into that one that you have discussed with us. If you have a home renovation or renovation carried out by us, it can be a good idea to collect a collection of photos on the internet with styles and colors that you like. This way our all -round construction company can get a better idea of what your taste is and the end result is better visualizing. If desired, we can of course keep you on the highs of prejudice during our work through photo or video recording so that you know without worries what the state of affairs is and that you have confirmation of the correct approach. Do you have questions about renovating a house in Amsterdam? Feel free to contact us or use the quotation form for a free quote.