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Kitchen renovation

Have you just bought a house or building, but the kitchen still requires the necessary repairs? You can then choose to go the easy way and purchase a new kitchen. However, this takes a lot of time, because you want to find the perfect kitchen, but it also costs a lot of money. A kitchen renovation sounds like a much better idea. Are you looking for a Contractor in Amsterdam who can help you with this? Then you don’t have to look any further. Also with installing a new kitchen is Aannemer020 happy to assist you.

Tailor-made kitchen renovation

Aannemer020 can help you with the entire process of renovating the kitchen, so that it is quickly transformed into the kitchen of your dreams.
Many parts of the kitchen can be replaced very easily. This not only saves costs, but also time and mess. Because we don’t have to completely demolish the old kitchen, but only replace the most important parts. For example, the kitchen doors can almost always be replaced by new and better ones, but also the kitchen cabinets and drawers. For example, is there a kitchen with only cupboards, and would you like deep drawers? Then that can be arranged. Beautiful electrical outlets in the right place? Easy fix for us!
We can also replace the kitchen worktop, which is of course very important for the appearance. If it now has a standard kitchen worktop, we can imagine that you would like to see something different here. A marble kitchen worktop, for example. In addition to the kitchen worktop, we also replace all appliances and taps when necessary. Here too it applies that this is very decisive for the appearance. Just picture it; a brand new kitchen fully equipped and in the style you would like, but with an old tap. You can’t, right?

Free advice and quotation request

Feel free to let us know all your plans so that we can think along with you and draw up a plan of action together. In this way we ensure that you can quickly start enjoying your new kitchen. We would of course be happy to provide you with a non-binding price offer. Use the quotation form or the contact form.