Prepare the house for the winter

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Preparing your home for winter is something that is paid back to itself. Regardless of rental home or owner -occupied home, when your home is ready for the winter you not only save on energy costs, even in terms of comfort, a lot can often be won. Ready for winter does not always have to be accompanied by high costs. You can do a lot fairly cheaply yourself. Do you need help with the winter ready for your home? Aannemer020 is happy to assist you with the following when it comes to preparing your home for winter;

Home insulation

Good home insulation not only ensures that you are warm in the winter. Roof and cavity wall insulation is of course one of the types of insulation with which the most profit can be achieved. We as an insulation contractor are happy to help you with this. But sealing small cracks and seams around frames and adding draft strips to windows and doors is also something that is often underestimated. You can also easily close seams and cracks with, for example, an acrylate kit. However, it is important that you have good ventilation in the home at all times. You can of course keep all windows, doors and ventilation/smoke ducts tight. However, it is advisable to also ensure good air circulation in the winter through, for example, ventilation grilles or regularly the windows ajar. Good air quality is also important for your health in the winter months. Good home insulation also ensures that the heat stays outside in the summer. However, over-insulation is also possible. This ensures that the heat no longer leaves the house in the summer. This can cause high temperatures in the house.

Maintenance central heating boiler and central heating

It is not something everyone thinks about because it is normal for everything to work. However, maintaining central heating boiler is more important than often thought. At the performance of a harsh winter, the central heating boiler will have to decrease heavily. If it is not well maintained, chances are that a malfunction or defect occurs. So make sure that the boiler has had its periodic maintenance in time. In the winter, waiting times are long and you can sit in the cold for days when the kettle collapses.

The central heating also requires maintenance. For example, it is advisable to ensure that your heating is vented before the winter months. If there is air in the circuit, the heating will hardly work.


Depending on the type of roof, the periodically checked of the roof covering is an important thing. When roofing releases, empty spaces are created. When moisture is placed here, this water will expand this water and increase the damage. The chance of leakage increases sharply as a result. So regularly check the cover of your roofs.

Prepare painting for winter

The painting is then perhaps not that important for energy costs or comfort. It is often underestimated what can cause wood rot. So preparing your painting work is not only important to have things nice and fresh. So preparing your painting work is not only important to have things nice and fresh. Due to the weather, paint is causing moisture to crawl into cracks and seams. Because this turns out moisture when it is freezing, cracks and seams are getting bigger and there is ultimately water. As soon as the moisture is no longer possible and with a large quantity, it will affect all wood and ultimately provide wood rot. It is therefore important to inspect your painting annually. Hiring a painter is a lot cheaper than new frames!

Peripheral issues

In addition to maintenance of your home, there are also important peripheral issues.  Think of outside taps that need to be closed. Nothing is as bad as a jumped water pipe in the winter months. Preparing good outdoor lighting is also something that is often forgotten. Of course it gets dark early in the winter! Setting the schedules for automatic smart lighting and  Temperature of thermostat are also things that you can already prepare. Do you have a chimney? Then it is wise to have it wiped well in advance.

Have the house ready for winter

Are you looking for a contractor who can help you with the winter ready for your home? We are happy to replace your central heating boiler and insulate home. Contact Contractor020.