Realizing the perfect bathroom

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It may well be that you still enjoy your current bathroom, but that it really needs to be replaced. For example, because it has been in it for quite a few years, or because the furniture has defects. In addition, it may of course also be the case that you have just bought a new home, but that the bathroom is not to your liking. You can then choose to purchase a whole new bathroom, but sometimes it is more sensible to opt for a . bathroom renovation. Especially when certain parts are still good, this is a sensible option. In addition, it often saves you a lot of money.

Replacing the bathroom

Do you know exactly what needs to be replaced in your current bathroom and what can be left in place? Then it is best to put this on paper. This way you will not forget and this can be indicated immediately during the conversation. Maybe you now have a bath that no one uses and would like to have a walk-in shower. But of course it can also be done the other way around; when you now have a shower, and would like a bath instead. Naturally, the washbasin or toilet can also be replaced when necessary.

Would you like to expand the bathroom by removing a wall? Then we look at the possibilities. If the wall you want to remove is a supporting wall, this is not necessary. Furthermore, we also look at what is still good in the bathroom. The tiles on the floor or the wall, for example, but also the pipes, sockets, switches and lighting..

Make an appointment

You can easily make an appointment via the contact form on the website. You can also request a quote here, so that you immediately see a price indication. During the appointment it will be discussed what your wishes are and the possibilities will be examined. You will also get more clarity about the costs and the duration of the project.