Reliable renovation construction company Amsterdam

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Are you planning to have a conversion or renovation carried out? Welcome to renovation construction company Amsterdam. Aannemer020 is happy to help you with renovations to finishing. There is a lot involved in a renovation. It is therefore important that you have this done by a specialized company that helps you with the planning, implementation and clean-up work afterwards. Aannemer020 offers various renovation services, with which they can of course help you excellently. We dare to say that we are one of the best construction companies in Amsterdam when it comes to renovation and conversions. If you are looking for a reliable contractor, we are happy to assist you.

Which renovation services are available?

There are of course many different renovations that can be carried out. Consider, for example, a bathroom renovation, or a renovation of the kitchen or living room. The renovation services that Aannemer020 can help you with are endless; it just depends on what you want to have done. For example, do you have a shop that is in need of renovation, because you would like to tackle the walls, floors, windows, doors, installations or insulation? Or have you just bought a new home and the bathroom could use a makeover? Then they can help you with that.

Draw up a plan

Every renovation starts with drawing up a plan, regardless of which renovation services you want to use. So make sure you have everything clearly on paper. Which space you want to tackle, what needs to be done, but also what needs to remain in its old state. During an initial meeting, this plan will be discussed and it will be examined whether this plan is feasible. If necessary, an employee will provide you with advice, for example when something in the plan can be better resolved in a different way.

You can also count on good guidance throughout the process and there is always a point of contact available. Construction waste is removed for you and after the renovation everything is delivered clean. In this way you will not spend unnecessarily in a mess, and you can immediately enjoy your home or shop again after the renovation.