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In some cases, renovating a house, apartment, shop, hotel or catering business is necessary. For example, instead of moving or demolishing the building. A renovation is a good alternative. In addition, a renovation is often a lot cheaper and more sustainable than the demolition of a building. Are you looking for a contractor for the intended renovation project? Then you have come to the right place at Aannemer020. We have experience in renovating various buildings and all the associated challenges.

Complete or partial renovation

During a renovation, we can tackle all parts of the home, shop, catering business or hotel. Think of adjusting the walls, roofs and floors, but also the frames, windows, glazing, doors, insulation, installations and sanitary areas. Especially if you want to make your house or building more sustainable, a renovation is a good idea. Of course we take into account the legal requirements and the wishes of the customer. For example, would you like to have solar panels on the roof, or do you no longer wish to cook on gas? Then all of this can be adjusted as desired. But it is also possible to have only a certain area of the building renovated. For example when the kitchen, bathroom or attic needs to be renovated. Aannemer020 is happy to think along with you, so that any points for improvement are always included in the renovation.

Request a free quote

Of course, everything starts with requesting a quote. That way we know what kind of renovation it is, and you know what price to take into account. If you agree with the quotation, the renovation plan will be discussed. This involves looking at what needs to be renovated or adapted, but your wishes are also taken into account. After this meeting, the plan will be drawn up and the start date of the renovation will be announced to you. Would you like to request a quote? Contact us or use the quotation form.