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Are you planning a renovation and are you looking for a contractor? Then Aannemer 020 can certainly help you with this. Whether it concerns the installation of an extension as an extension of the living room or kitchen, the installation of a dormer window in the bedroom or the installation or breaking of walls; we can arrange this for you. We also supply ready-to-go “turn-key” renovations and conversions.

Remodel the way you want

The conversion or renovation of your home, shop, catering business or hotel can consist of many different aspects. For example, it may be necessary to completely replace the floors, (re) insulate the roof or walls or it may be necessary to break through certain walls. In addition, it may of course also be the case that it is necessary to add a wall, for example when the attic has to be divided up. It is very important that the house remains intact. It is also important that the tax on the living situation lasts as short as possible. This can be arranged through good preparation. But the “smaller” construction jobs also fall under renovation. Plaster the walls, for example, installing tiles in the bathroom or laying the floors. This also includes the installation of bathroom furniture and the provision of the electricity. For example, you can indicate that you want additional sockets, or perhaps you would like to have the water or gas pipes relocated. Do you want to renovate within the municipal boundaries of Amsterdam? Then do a permit check on the Amsterdam website. A permit may be required for some buildings, such as a monumental building. Also for an interior renovation!

Tailor-made offer

Receive a quote? Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation or use the quotation form on our website. We can not only be engaged for private individuals, but also for companies. Do you want to enlarge your catering business by breaking out a wall, or merging two retail properties? Do the fronts and frames need to be replaced or is it necessary to lay a new floor? Contractor 020 is happy to help you. We can also be of service when it concerns a hotel. When new rooms need to be built by placing a new wall, but also for sealing walls and ceilings, and the necessary stucco or painting that goes with it.