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You are no longer satisfied with the stairs in your home, shop, catering business or hotel. It creaks, is damaged or no longer matches the rest of the interior. Or you have just rented a new home or a new business premises and were already planning to replace the stairs with a staircase that better suits your style. Renovating a staircase is of course possible, but if there is a lot wrong with the stairs, it is usually cheaper to have a new staircase installed. Are you looking for a construction company in the Amsterdam area that can help you with this? We at Aannemer020 are happy to take care of this project for you.

Measure and place stairs

It is of course also possible that there is currently no fixed staircase to the attic, and that you would like to see a fixed staircase instead of a loft ladder. That way you can convert the attic into a bedroom or office. This is of course also possible with us. And is there no stairwell yet? No problem! We can also make a stairwell in your ceiling. This is of course also possible if you would like to realize a cellar. When you delve into new stairs, you will soon discover that in addition to wooden stairs, there are also stairs made of plastic and aluminum. Nevertheless, it is wise to choose a wooden staircase because it lasts much longer. Just look at homes from the 1930s. These often still have an authentic wooden staircase that is still in perfect condition after all these years. In addition, damage to a wooden staircase is easier to touch up than with a staircase made of other material. Maintenance is also much easier and when the appearance of the staircase no longer completely matches the rest of your interior, a lick of paint is usually enough to give the staircase a whole new look. Of course we first professionally measure the stairs, so that we know exactly what we need to be able to deliver a custom-made staircase. No staircase is the same, which is why it is specially measured.

Quotation and advice

Do you need advice or do you want a competitive price offer for a professional stair installation? Contact us or use the quotation form. If you have your own ideas or wishes, you can of course discuss them with us. Together we will then look at the possibilities.