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Are you looking for a contractor who can deliver really beautiful stucco in your home, apartment, shop, catering business or hotel? Aannemer020 is happy to help you with everything Sleek walls ensure a perfect result, a sleek look. In addition, this also does a lot for the light, making your home look much more open. In addition, the finish also helps. Consider, for example, beautiful, high skirting boards and a different color on the wall. The big advantage of stucco is that you can hide all wiring, but also all pipes behind it.

All-round plastering work

You can contact us for traditional stucco, but also for other forms of wall finishing. We are used for almost all types of rebuilding andrenovation You can think of spachtelputz or more special wall finishes in combination with ornaments. We can also apply the stucco mechanically and spray plaster. Would you like plasterwork such as decorative plasters or decorative plasters, then this is also possible, as well as frames and ornaments.

Free advice and quotation

Are you not sure what suits you or your home, or are you not familiar with the different terms as stated above? That is not a problem at all. When we have an initial meeting with you, you can pass on all your requirements and wishes to us. We will then explain the different terms to you and advise you on what we think is best for your home. Of course this depends entirely on the type of home you have, but also on your design and taste. Do the walls to be treated now have loose paint or plaster layers or are the walls made of wood? Then traditional stucco layers cannot be directly smeared over it. In that case, the walls must first be plastered. We can also provide you with clear explanations about this during a consultation and give you additional advice if necessary. Contact us for more information.