Time to tackle the kitchen

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Is it really high time to tackle the kitchen, for example because you have just bought a new home and the kitchen is not your taste? Or because you have been enjoying the same kitchen for years, but now you really want something different? The Aannemer020 can help you with this!

Renovate the kitchen

Aannemer020 can help you with the entire process of renovating the kitchen, so that you can enjoy a kitchen the way you want it in no time. You can of course choose to demolish the entire kitchen and buy a new one, but this costs a lot of money. Renovating the kitchen is often a cheaper solution. This is because almost all parts of the kitchen can be easily replaced. Think of replacing the cabinet doors, plumbing or equipment. Even if you now only have kitchen cabinets, but would like deep drawers, this is an option, as well as replacing the sockets and the worktop.

Almost anything is possible, and you can certainly make your wishes known. If you want the kitchen in a different location, we will first check whether this is possible with the existing connections. If this is not the case, it can be checked whether the connections can be moved.

Make an appointment

If you would like to receive a quote, you can request it via the contact form. Of course you can also contact us to discuss the various options and to see if your wishes are feasible with your current kitchen. We will then think along with you and draw up a good action plan so that all parties know exactly where they stand and you can quickly enjoy your new kitchen.