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Window frames

Are the frames of your windows and / or doors due for replacement and are you therefore looking for a contractor in the Amsterdam region? Then you don’t have to look any further because we can help you with that. Whether it concerns frames in your home or a shop, hotel or catering business, we deliver and install frames, windows and doors completely to the right size, desired profile and wood type. This is also possible when it comes to an old house or building and you want to have the original details returned. We then make a replica of the doors or frames.

Sustainable installation

In addition, it is also possible to choose insulating glass. All windows, frames and doors that we install meet the highest requirements when it comes to insulation and durability. With insulating glass you ensure that you and your family are always warm and you also save on your energy bill. It is also the case that placing new frames in combination with insulation or double glazing ensures an increase in value of your home. Do you live in the municipality of Amsterdam? Then do the an permit check..

Custom frames

If you still have very old windows and doors in your home, shop, hotel or catering business, they are probably between 3 and 4 cm thick. New windows and doors, on the other hand, are at least 5.6 cm thick. This so that there is still enough space for the insulating glass. If you only decide to replace the glass, this would be relatively more expensive, especially if it now contains old windows. This is because the frames have to be adjusted so that the new windows also fit in. In many cases it is therefore also more sensible to have new frames installed immediately. This not only ensures optimal insulation, the necessary comfort and safety, but also has a much longer lifespan. This means you spend less on maintenance and you also save on energy bills.